why we cater to women of color

The short answer is-because we are so often ignored. Finding someone who looks like us within the fashion world is rare. We realized if we wanted a clothing line that served the needs of WOC, we'd have to make it ourselves. 

So, no. We don't mean to be exclusionary, but rather inclusive. We want to celebrate black beauty, grace, and pride.

Beauty is not defined by a skin tone. True beauty is when a beautiful heart radiates past the flesh.

However, women of color are often made to feel inferior. As if our vast array of God-given hues and shades is something to be ashamed of. And for that reason, one of our founding principles will always be uplifting the self-image of black women. 

So, basically we gon' keep sayin' it 'til we all believe it. "We are BLACK & BEAUTIFUL," and that ain't even half of it.

With love and grace,

Amara Team